Mar 22, 2017

This or That?

I confess. I still look for ways to fudge while low-carbing. I employ requisite effort by carefully reading labels and menu descriptions. Still, there is not always enough transparency in explanations. For instance, I ordered this...

Mushroom Burger

Brimming with crimini mushrooms sautéed in red wine, caramelized onions, lettuce, and mozzarella cheese. Holy mouthwatering, Batman.
I added waffled sweet potato fries. My son, Brock, was the designated eater, meaning that I would have 2 to 3 fries and he would whisk the balance out of my reach. (Brock understands my weakness for potatoes.) The rest seemed innocuous. 

Yet, my first bites gave me quite a surprise. Sugar had been added to the sweet potato fries and to the caramelized onions. I have never added sugar to either because I think both are sweet enough. Being sugar-free, my tastebuds went into shock. The sweetened onions effected the mushrooms, so I ended up eating only a few — along with the bun-less burger. The "Coke" glass contained unsweetened ice tea.

I was going to get this Cobb Salad and I wish I had. For a low-carber, this salad really deserves a "Holy Mouth Watering, Batman." 

Cobb Salad

A tower of fresh greens topped with grilled diced chicken, crumbled bleu cheese, bacon, egg, avocado, tomatoes, and black olives. Served with bleu cheese dressing.
I have had ordered this several times. There are no hidden surprises. I devour every morsel and I don't feel hungry for a many hours.

So, what did I learn from this? If I don't want a surprise party, ask questions before ordering.

Surprised by Fries,

Mar 14, 2017


Everlovin' Low-Carb was launched on June 28th of 2016. I am approaching my first year anniversary! If you are familiar with operating a blog, you know that the hardest work is in the building and decorating. Once that is accomplished, the fun begins!

This is my 66th post. I have not invested in paid advertising, but I have shared my enthusiasm on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This exposure alone has generated 6200 visits to my blog. I may be tootin' my own horn, but I think this calls for a GIVEAWAY!

George Stella, veteran Food Network chef and author, recently published The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook. I have the digital version on my iPhone. Now, I am giving away a hardcopy version!

Amazon writes...
The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook is not just George Stella's best collection of recipes, but his definitive word on low-carb eating. With hundreds of helpful tips, you aren't just following along; you are learning how to use Stella's techniques to reinvent any of your own recipes without the use of processed foods. You are also learning how these techniques helped his family of four lose over 650 pounds. 
Over 60 full-color photos will help you present dishes that look as good as they taste. All 130 recipes are made without any wheat or added sugar, making them gluten-free, and great for diabetics as well.
How you enter...
  2. LEAVE A MESSAGE.  (a.) Mention your favorite Everlovin' Low-Carb posts. (b.) Leave your NAME and STATE. (c.) Enter only once.
  4. EARN EXTRA ENTRIES. Have your FRIENDS mention you in their comments and I will give you a bonus entry!
  5. DEADLINE TO ENTER:  Friday, March 31, 2017 at 11:59 P.M. PST. The winner will be selected on the next day through a random drawing.

Mar 13, 2017

Spaghetti Squash and Basil Dried Tomato Pesto

Whether we fall back or spring forward, 
it takes me 6 months to get used to it.
~Karen June Miller

What is it about springing forward? We never complain when we gain an hour in the fall. We can even stay up too late and not kvetch. Yet, when 1 little hour disappears, people yawn through the workplace and murmur fatigue. 

After surviving the lethargy, I decided to keep dinner simple tonight. I served this dish with hamburger patties.

  • 1 medium spaghetti squash
  • 1 6 oz. container of Rising Sun Farms Basil Dried Tomato Pesto
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  1. Poke holes in a medium spaghetti squash. (I use a small screwdriver used to repair eye glasses.)
  2. Microwave for 10 minutes, flipping halfway through the cooking. 
  3. Allow the squash to rest for 5 minutes.
  4. Slice in half and scoop out the seeds. 
  5. Pull apart with a fork and place in a bowl.
  6. Add the pesto, salt, and pepper. Toss and top with Parmesan cheese.
  7. Serve with a protein of your choice.
Cooking Time: 15-20 minutes

Mar 6, 2017

Blistered Eggplant With Tomatoes, Olives, and Feta | Martha Stewart Living

If you have ever read Martha Stewart Living, you know that there are 4 tear-out recipe cards featured in each edition. I have been saving these recipes for years. Most recipes are already low-carb or can be easily adapted. This one will have you salivating just by reading it.

Blistered Eggplant With Tomatoes, Olives, and Feta
Martha Stewart Living
(Slightly adapted for low-carb)

Active Time: 20 min.
Total Time: 50 min.
Serves: 4
  • 1 large eggplant (about 1 3/4 pounds), cut into 1/4-inch-thick rounds
  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling
  • 1 3/4 pounds mixed tomatoes: small one halved or quartered, or large ones cut into 1/4-inch-thick-rounds
  • Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 6 ounces feta, crumbled
  • 1/2 cup mixed olives
  • 1/2 cup lightly packed fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves
  1. Preheat broiler with rack 6 inches from hear source. Place eggplant rounds on a wire rack set on a rimmed baking sheet. Broil until eggplant is blistered and deep brown on one side, 10 to 12 minutes. Flip and broil until blistered on other side, 10 to 12 minutes. Immediately transfer to a large bowl, toss with oil, and cover with a plate. Let stand until softened, 10 minutes.
  2. Arrange eggplant and tomatoes on a platter, seasoning each layer with salt and pepper and drizzling with oil before adding next. Top with feta, olives, and parsley.
  3. Serve with low-carb bread.

Provolone Taco Shells

Can we taco? You bet! 

Traditional corn and flour tortillas add substantial carbs to a meal. Even low-carb tortillas add up quickly. Lettuce wraps or lettuce boats are a nice alternative, but have you tried baked provolone taco shells?

I  discovered these taco shells through Kathryn's Low Carb Kitchen in a recipe called "Bacon Taco's". I was intrigued by the use of cheese for the shells because carbs would not be an issue. After trying them, the texture and taste satisfied anything I had missed with conventional tacos. 

Pictured here are 3 tacos filled with ground beef, sautéed onion, cheddar, and avocado. The shells are seasoned before baking and become golden in the oven's heat. Here is the adapted recipe from Kathryn's website. 

Adapted from "Bacon Tacos"
—a recipe from Kathryn's Low Carb Kitchen

  • Round Provolone cheese slices
  • Garlic powder
  • Mexican spices
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place parchment paper on a pizza stone. (You can spray the parchment with cooking spray, but I found this unnecessary.)
  3. Evenly space 4 slices of Provolone cheese on the parchment. Sprinkle lightly with garlic powder and Mexican spices.
  4. Bake for 10-11 minutes until color is golden.
  5. Immediately pick up each shell and drape it over the peaks of a non-stick taco rack. Allow to cool.
  • Drape the cooked cheese quickly so they won't crack as they cool.
  • I make these ahead of time and store in a ziplock bag until I'm ready with my preferred fillings.
For Bacon Tacos...
Fill with bacon, cheese, cilantro, avocado, sour cream, and taco sauce.

Nutrition for each shell... 
Calories: 50
0 Net Carbs
Fat: 12
Protein: 11

Mar 5, 2017

Pili Nuts | Low-Carb Perfection!

Once upon a time, I was a sugar burner. After going low-carb, my body fell headfirst in love with FAT! In fact, my body burns fat for fuel. I can happily indulge in plenty of high quality fat and feel full faster. So, it behooves me to search for fatty foods that will satisfy me in ways a low-fat diet never could.

Nuts have always been a favorite snack of mine. Granted, I was first enamored with peanut butter which is actually a legume. It was an introduction nonetheless. I went on to appreciate the entire nut family.

I never knew about pili nuts until I heard Jimmy Moore feature them on Livin' La Vida Low-Carb. I was curious, so I ordered a 5 oz. bag of this nutrient-dense supernut. Jason at Hunter Gatherer discovered pili nuts in the Philippines and his company is the first in America to offer them.

The smooth buttery taste is addicting! Yet, by eating them slowly, I need very little. The high fat combined with coconut oil quickly satisfies.

The Hunter Gatherer website lists the following attributes...
  • Perfect Ketogenic Snack 
  • Paleo 
  • Vegan 
  • Raw 
  • Highest Magnesium of any nut 
  • Naturally Gluten Free 
  • Sprouted 
  • Highest Oil/Fat Content of any nut 
  • Sustainable 
  • Hand Shucked 
  • High In Manganese 
  • Excellent Source of Vitamin B1 
  • Non GMO 
  • Lowest Carbs of any nut 
  • Hand Harvested 
  • Wild Harvested 
  • Good Source of Phosphorus and Copper
You can purchase pili nuts directly from Hunter Gatherer HERE. You will get 10% off of your first order if you use Jimmy's Promo Code: LLVLC.

Feb 22, 2017

Chipotle Cauli-Rice

Cauliflower rice is a staple in my home. It is the beginning of anything you can imagine! Everlovin' LowCarb has already featured 3 riced cauliflower recipes:
Whether you are a riced cauliflower enthusiast or still on the fence, I think you will enjoy Tracy Saelinger's piece, Is Trader Joe's cauliflower rice better than homemade? Tracy compares 2 popular prep methods to Trader Joe's Organic Riced Cauliflower. She also includes 2 how-to videos for stir-fry rice and a cauliflower pizza crust.

Chipotle Cauli-Rice is simple, yet perfect for variations. I love to pick up a roasted whole chicken at the natural market, tear it apart, and stir it in. This takes little time to prepare.


  • 2 12-oz. packages of frozen Trader Joe's Organic Riced Cauliflower
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 3 green onions
  • 1-2 teaspoons of chipotle seasoning (I get mine in the bulk section of a natural grocer.)
  • 2 Tbsp. Organic olive oil
  • Maldon salt or sea salt to taste
  1. Microwave the riced cauliflower according to the package directions and allow to cool.
  2. Juice the lime and cut the onions into small pieces.
  3. Add the olive oil, lime juice, chipotle, and salt. (If including roasted chicken, add it now.) 
  4. Toss everything together and refrigerate.

Feb 20, 2017

Saving Money

Do high prices keep you from eating healthier? I am sometimes stunned by the investment. If I were the only one eating in my family, maybe I could justify it. It is true that cheaper products are often inferior because manufacturers have cut corners, added sugar and chemicals. It costs more to do it right, but is this a reasonable explanation for huge markups?

I occasionally shop at Whole Foods. The store inspires me despite their preference for carbs. I buy hard-to-find products and food items that are on sale or have a store coupon. My aim is to leave without having spent $40 for just 3 things.

I tried couponing in my early 40's. I was never extreme enough to become a ninja, but I worked up a sweat. Just my low-level commitment gobbled up my life. Even then, I rejected junk and I had no interest in storing up needless bulk items. I also had a pet peeve for being stuck behind the shopper with 50+ coupons. If patiently watching the scanning process was not enough, there were always discrepancies between coupons and what was actually purchased.

Couponing is no longer a hobby, but I still use them. I have found that I can buy high-quality, healthy products in discount stores — even those without membership fees. Grocery Outlet is a prime example.

Here are some of my recent Grocery Outlet finds . . .
Chosen Food's Avocado Oil Mayo with Harissa; Tejava bottled tea; Bragg's Liquid Aminos and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; bacon, andouille and beer brats without nitrates and nitrites; organic chicken thighs; natural avocado dip without additives; huge packages of chicharrones; Chobani Mezé Dip with Smoked Onions and Parmesan; grass fed ground beef; and provolone cheese slices. (I make taco shells out of the provolone.)

I paid $62 after $54 was deducted! I bought a variety of items without buying too much of any one thing. I read labels for carb counts and hidden sugar. If one of my favs had gone up in price, I chose a less expensive similar product.

Unless the aisle is crowded, I usually make the NOSH isle (above) first on my agenda. I then head for the meat and cheese section. After I have selected things from these locations, I check my budget before moving to other sections.


Keep Your Eye on the Prize

We all get sidetracked in a grocery store, especially when it is important to stick to our goals. I regularly don my earbuds and plug into a low-carb podcast while I shop. The facts, advice, interviews, testimonies, and latest news keep me excited and focused. I am less inclined to purchase something that is not beneficial.

My iPhone is loaded with low-carb, keto, and paleo podcasts. Before upgrading my iPhone, I used the Stitcher Radio app. I began having issues with it and switched to the Overcast: Podcast Player. I have not returned to Stitcher since the upgrade, only because my Overcast app is organized and performing beautifully!

Consider these low-carb suggestions . . .
  • Jimmy Moore's "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show", "Keto Talk", and "Fasting Talk"
  • "Low-Carb Conversations"
  • "The Ketovangelist Podcast"
  • "Ketovangelist Kitchen"
  • "The Paleo View Podcast"


Feb 19, 2017

Cloudy with the Chance of a Hug

I captured this threatening skyline yesterday afternoon. I did not realize that I was taking a photo of the bank that my son was simultaneously visiting. So, I got a hug as a bonus!


Jan 22, 2017

Three Little Nibbles

With Christmas Break and 9 snow days behind me, I am celebrating an icy, but happy return to my normal routine. Gift cards have afforded Barry and I some memorable dates. 

We stopped in at Outback Steakhouse this afternoon. We split their promotional 35 oz. Tomahawk Ribeye, a wood-fire grilled steak topped with roasted garlic butter. It was succulent, savory, and satisfying! Neither of us were hungry for dinner.

We chose the cheesecake as our "special" extra. I had 3 nibbles due to the sugar content and Barry finished it off. 

It is amazing how sugar doesn't control me anymore.


Jan 4, 2017

Low-Carb Peanut Butter Cookies

In my pre-low-carb days, I could easily eat an entire bowl of peanut butter cookie dough. It usually happened over the course of a day. (I know I am not alone.) I loved dough and sometimes baking just seemed unnecessary

With sugar behind me, finding low-carb cookie recipes has been a challenge. For one, I do not crave sweets like I used to. Further, substitute-sugars will never taste like white table sugar. This is why this recipe surprised me. The cookies look and taste delicious; and it only takes a couple to curb an urge.

NOTE: I prefer them warm, so I heat up cool cookies for 15 seconds in the microwave.

Adapted from a recipe by Laura Hickman 

24 cookies
Total time: 25 minutes

  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • 1 cup powdered Swerve
  • 1 cup Smucker's Natural Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter (just peanuts, minimal salt, and no sugar)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pure bourbon vanilla extract (I use Trader Joe's brand)
  • Chocolate chips sweetened with stevia

  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Prepare baking sheet with parchment or cooking spray. (I use Pampered Chef Stoneware.)
  3. Mix all ingredients in mixer (or with a hand mixer) until well combined and dough has formed.
  4. Measure the dough with a tablespoon measure. (I use the Pampered Chef Small Scoop.)
  5. Form balls of dough and place them on on your baking sheet or stoneware.
  6. Flatten cookies by making a crisscross mark with a fork. (I use a small bamboo fork.)
  7. Optional: Add a chocolate chip.
  8. Bake for 14-17 minutes till edges are golden brown.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 cookie
Carbohydrates: 4.6

“That’s the way it crumbles, cookie-wise.”
~from the motion picture, The Apartment

Jan 3, 2017


“What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.”
~A.A. Milne

When cravings set in, I seem to go UBER-TUBER! While others are reaching for the seasonal baked goods, I am eyeballing the buttermilk mashed potatoes and potato gratin. I just happen to be enamored with one of the highest carbs on the planet.

Botanically, potatoes are classified as a vegetable, although they are nutritionally classified as a starchy food. Potatoes normally replace pasta, rice, and bread during a meal. With 2 ounces of pasta averaging 14 grams of carbohydrates; a donut, 22 grams; a cinnamon roll, 32 grams; and a whole potato, 64 grams, my food craving adds up!  

I spent this holiday season experimenting with just how much I could indulge with potatoes without gaining weight. So, I welcomed small helpings of starchy spuds. Although my cravings increased, my weight stayed stationary from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I still have weight to lose, so potatoes will need to take a backseat.

My mother, Kathy, makes Pork and Sauerkraut on Mashed Potatoes for New Year's Day. This tradition was especially exciting for my Pennsylvania Dutch husband, Barry. He grew up eating this meal. Now that we reside in Idaho, Barry prepares this himself.

While I admit to having mashed potatoes on January 1st, I swapped out the potatoes for spaghetti squash when it came time for leftovers. I even added parmesan cheese just for kicks. I did not miss those tubers!


Low Carb Breakfast Casserole

As I promised in my last post, here is the casserole recipe that we enjoyed Christmas Day. Andres Regalado has been more infrequent with his blogging in the last year or two, but his site is a trove of ideas.

From Andres Regalado @ TheLowCarb Diet

PREP TIME: 15 mins
COOK TIME: 30 mins
TOTAL TIME: 45 mins

Serves: 8

  • 11 eggs
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • ½ cup onions, chopped
  • 2 cups cauliflower florets, cut into thirds
  • 1 lb breakfast sausage
  • ¾ lb bacon
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese
  • 1 teaspoon hot sauce
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  1. Preheat oven to 350 and grease 9x13 inch pan.
  2. Cook bacon and sausage until reaching desired doneness. Crumble both into about 1 inch pieces.
  3. Steam cauliflower for 3-8 minutes until tender.
  4. Sauté onions, peppers and any other vegetables in lightly oiled skillet.
  5. Stir together vegetables, bacon, sausage, and seasonings.
  6. Spread the mixture in the pan.
  7. Lightly beat eggs with hot sauce, pour them into pan and top with cheese.
  8. Bake casserole 30-35 minutes or until the cheese has melted.
Serving size: 1 serving (Total recipe makes 8 servings)
Protein 34.21g, Fat 38.84g, Cals 455, Carbs 5.66g, Fiber 0.80g -- NET CARBS: 4.86g


Dec 25, 2016

Merry Breakfast Cassrole!

It's Christmas morning and it is a crystal clear, wintry Idaho day! There is mirth and merriment here as we prepare for our adventure.

My life has always revolved around potatoes, which, as we all know, are not low-carb friendly. This breakfast casserole curbs my potato cravings by using cauliflower instead. I will share the recipe in my next post.


Dec 24, 2016

Christmas Road Trip!

We moved from Southern California almost 6 years ago. Although we adore Idaho, we miss the family we left behind. This included our daughter, Briana, her husband, Brian, and our 4 grandkids. Thankfully, a pastoral position opened up for Brian, so they relocated to Oregon in November. They are now just 5 hours and 18 minutes away! This can mean only one thing. ROAD TRIP!

Our winter journey is even more special because it is a gift from my Uncle Sam. Sadly, he passed away this year. He was a professional cameraman in the film industry and a fascinating individual. His unique legacy has richly blessed the family he dearly loved. We were fortunate to have spent many Christmases with Uncle Sam. He will be traveling with us in spirit. 

Thank-you for your support and friendship here at Everlovin' Low-Carb! Take a moment to leave a comment. I would love to know how you plan to spend your own Christmas.

Stay safe and warm,

Dec 14, 2016

What's on my mind?

Merry Christmas!


Christmas is 9 days away. We are leaving for La Pine, Oregon on Christmas Day, so I am unsure of how much decorating I want to do. I needed inspiration. So, I poured a large mug of French press coffee, added some raw cream, a few drops of Cinnamon Vanilla stevia, and VOILA!


I just finished a slow cooker batch of beef bone broth. First, I poured the finished broth through a mesh strainer to remove bones and seasoning. The broth was then refrigerated in order to easily remove the top layer of fat. Soon the broth will be stored in mason jars and the fat will be used in my cooking. My weight loss is so much more successful when bone broth is included.


Whether you eat lunch at home or pack it for work, I have a resource that offers 50 ideas that will make your midday more exciting. Check it out at LOWCARB LAB.


YakTrax Walk

Slipping on ice is not my idea of recreation. While living in Idaho City, I used shoe-chains or ice traction devices. I never fell. When I moved to Idaho's Treasure Valley, most people were not wearing them, so neither did I. Silly me. I have fallen several times, often on icy playgrounds, and usually on a knee and hip. With too many of my friends having replacement surgeries, I wised up. 

This brand, YakTrax Walk, is far better than my previous shoe-chains. They are also easier to attach. Thankfully, I am back to staying on my feet. 

Standing and stable,

Dec 11, 2016

Garden of Eden | Relax & Restore

Relax & Restore
Whole Food
My low-carb lifestyle is currently in an adjustment phase. My weight loss has slowed down and...uh...elimination has been a bit irregular or constipated. Truthfully, I had been experimenting with just how many carbs I can introduce without interfering with ketosis. I soon recognized that some hidden sugar had snuck in and that even small amounts of potatoes were culprits. I gave myself permission to experiment again later. For now, it is back to bone broth, low carb veggies, moderate meat, and luscious fats.

It is well known that most Americans are not getting enough magnesium. Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D., a brain health specialist, nutritionist, neurologist, and expert in the human microbiome, recommends this powdered supplement for anti-stress, calm, and regularity. Here is what Amazon has to say...
About the Product
  • Supports relaxation and restores optimal magnesium levels while providing a better night's sleep
  • Fizzy drink before bedtime-great-tasting orange dreamsicle flavor (Note: Check out their other flavors)
  • Whole food magnesium made using usa-grown organic peas — well tolerated-no gastric side effects
  • Non-gmo project verified, vegan certified, nsf gluten free certified, dairy free, soy free, sugar free, kosher
  • 50 Servings per container
Product Description 
Dr. Formulated whole food magnesium Relax & Restore powder is a delicious, fizzy drink to help calm and relax you so you can get a better night’s sleep, while restoring your body’s optimal magnesium levels.
If you are like most Americans, your dietary consumption of magnesium is less than ideal. Recent statistics reveal that close to 75% of Americans are consuming less than the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. Magnesium ranks among the most important trace elements in the human diet as it plays a central role in facilitating the function of over 300 critical enzymes. These are enzymes that have important tasks in facilitating our day-to-day metabolic functions as well as manufacturing DNA and proteins and even managing how our cells are able to power themselves from the food sources we provide. 
So it’s no wonder that low magnesium levels are correlated with so many health-related issues. Signs of magnesium deficiency involve all the body’s major systems and include: Irritability, Anxiety, Lethargy, Fatigue, Memory problems, Anorexia, Loss of Appetite, Seizures, Muscle Weakness, Muscle cramps, Tremors, Vertigo, Difficulty swallowing, Irregular or rapid heartbeat. 
So if you’re feeling tired, having problems sleeping or dealing with stress in your life, it’s time to Relax & Restore!
I am getting better sleep and I am smiling.

You can obtain this product at your local health food store or you can order it from Amazon.

Movin' and groovin',

Better Stevia

Beter Stevia Liquid Sweetener
I divorced sugar when I went low-carb. An accidental bite of sugar is now overpowering. Yet, I still crave an occasional treat that is sweet-but-not-sugary. This sounds like a kooky contradiction, but it really isn't.

My memories are bookmarked with delectable desserts. No social gathering was complete without a table where desserts were as decorative as bouquets and crepe paper streamers. There was great anticipation and guests were humming approval. Sweets were a reward, a crescendo!

Well, I am not willing to give up the pomp and indulgence of a sweet treat. It just takes some tweaking. While it is true that no sugar substitute will ever taste exactly like white table sugar, there are some great alternatives.

Better Stevia has become one of my favorite real-food sweeteners. Their website states that "BetterStevia® is the zero-calorie, organic stevia sweetener that's simply better than sugar and other alternative sweeteners." I agree. Although many substitute sweeteners have a bitter or minty aftertaste, I think this natural sweetener mimics sugar the best.

I am currently experimenting with the 3 selections above. Other flavors include: Liquid Coconut, English Toffee, French Vanilla, Lemon Twist, Pomegranate Blueberry, Tropical Fruit, Organic, Original, and Gycerite (alcohol free). These can be purchased directly from Now Foods or on Amazon. Many health stores carry a limited line. A little sugar substitute goes a long way.

Counting my blessings,